Apple iPod Touch 2nd / 3rd Gen Carbon White

Apple iPod Touch 2nd / 3rd Gen Carbon White
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Benefits of using Nitro Carbon on your device:

• Carbon fiber styled material
• Light reflecting texture
• Precision cut
• No more bulky cases
• Add style to your device
• No sticky residue once removed
• Limited warranty

Note: Nitro Carbon is offered in a variety of exciting colors! Make sure to check out all the listings and pictures to find which you like best.


Want something for your device to add some style to it? Our Nitro Carbon is the way to go! It’s not just a printed pattern, but has an actual light reflecting texture which is custom designed to fit each device. It offers the style of carbon fiber while not adding any bulk to your device. With a variety of colors, an installation process that is simple, Nitro Carbon is it! The best thing about Nitro Carbon is no sticky residue if you ever decide to remove it. It’s very thin, making it a great addition to Nitro ULTRA screen protectors. Feel confident with all Znitro products knowing that you are getting the best protection and style for your device. *Znitro offers a 30-Day Limited Warranty on all Nitro Carbon products which covers the following: • Tearing or ripping • Discoloration • Accidental damage ie: scratches / scuffs Note: If product begins to peel, heat and re-apply.
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Additional Information

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